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Day 6

Posted by Admin on 29, February 2008

Toby in the garden

We are coming towards the end of Toby’s first week.  What a change in the little chap in such a short time.He now recognises his own name and can take himself off to his bed when he is tired.

He was “super dog” last night.  He went to bed at 10ish and I did not hear from him again until 5:30 – he had obviously gotten up in the night judging my several puddles on the floor but did not spend ages crying for me.

This morning we went for a short drive to the post office – he was not sick in the car, but took objection to being put in the boot and managed to squeeze between the edge of the dog guard and the window – cheeky monkey 🙂

He was frightened by the experience and has slept soundly for 2 hours since we got back.

We are beginning to establish some kind of routine at last. 

Will reduce this to a weekly update (otherwise you will all be bored rigid)

Love to all from Toby the Super Duper Puppy 🙂


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Posted by Admin on 28, February 2008

I am sure that dog days are like dog years.  Each day is really 7 days – well it certainly feels like it 🙂

Toby is such a super star.  Yesterday I did not have to clear out any poo – several “puddles” but that was all – the rest of the time he went in the garden (am I obsessed with toilet talk I ask myself?)

He also happily went into his own bed in the day and did not sob or yap everytime I left him.  He is also exploring more of the garden and like to run round the back of the shed and the wheelbarrow.  He is obviously growing in confidence (I think he has physically grown too)

Last night he went to bed at about 10:30.  Did not get up again until 2:30 (yaroo).  He went on the newspaper (after spending 10 minutes outside in my jarmies in the cold!!) and then popped back into bed.  I did not wait with him until he fell asleep and just left him – he yapped for about 10 minutes – then got into bed and slept.

I heard him at about 4ish, but ignored him – again he yapped for about 10 minutes then fell asleep.

Got up at 6:30 – so only 1 visit in the night.

Pretty impressive after 5 days (or am I being biased)?

When I am in the kitchen he always sits between my feet (makes moving around a tad difficult).  Today I decided that whilst I am spending so much time in kitchen would do something useful, so I cleaned the oven and then all the cupboard doors (seem loads of them when you have to clean them).  At first he was a pest always between my feet – then he disappeared (slight panic on my part) and there he was sitting by the back door with the sun on him – he stayed there for about 30 minutes and then came to find me.

What a star.!  🙂  🙂

Last night was Uni night – girls coped brilliantly – but only because they did not have to do anything “yuk”


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Posted by Admin on 27, February 2008

Toby was a super star last night 🙂

He slept in his bed and used the newspaper!!

He is settling in nicely and when he is tired he is desparate to be pciked up and cuddled (which the girls are happy to oblige)

We had a lovely day and evening and I feel better having had some sleep.  However, we did have an earthquake last night (5.8) – the biggest in England in 25 years.  Toby slept through it – it woke the rest of the house though

He is now downstairs – worn out (he has been playing with a plant pot in the garden all morning but refusing to go to sleep 😦

That’s all for now – more in a few days

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Posted by Admin on 26, February 2008

Oh what a night… as the song goes

Toby is managing to redecorate my kitchen in to a landscape area of small brownish mounds and large lakes – very attractive.

I think Toby was part of a secret interrogation unit in a past life.  A unit that specialised in sleep deprivation.

I NEED at least 8 hours a night – otherwise I am not a very nice person (some people think I never get 8 hours then..)  I am NOT getting 8 hours sleep.  Therefore any typos, bad punctuation or just madwoman ramblings on this page are Toby’s fault.

Last night was brilliant and awful in equal parts.

During the early part of the evening Toby excelled himself and has learnt to go into his bed (cage) all by himself and fall asleep.  We spent a lot of time putting him in his bed, he then got out and tried to sit on my lap, back into bed, out again and so on.  By 10pm he was a master of getting into bed.  I would walk to his cage and say “Toby Bed” and point to his bedding and in he jumps.  He then lies down and falls asleep.  I can then leave the room (I keep the door to his cage open at all times) and blissfully do other things and he is a happy chap.

I am mega proud at the speed he has learnt this new skill.

However, I think he may be able to only have one thing in his brain at a time and the getting into bed has replaced the “I must do my business outside or on newspaper” instructions. 

I put him to be at about 10ish.  We had been outside (which incidently was no fun last night, 40mph winds, pouring rain – a typical english summer day really) and he had done what a dog has to do.  In bed, whimpered then fell asleep.  I then left the room – what a major step forward – no sleeping in the kitchen.  I set up the sofa bed in the family room and felt pretty smug that we had got ourselves wonder dog…

At midnight I could hear Toby whimpering.  He was not barking but was moving around.  I went into the kitchen to find quite a bit of Toby Landscaping everywhere EXCEPT on the newspaper.  I spent 20 minutes washing kitchen floor, putting lots of kitchen roll etc into Tesco carrier bags (I am using more of their plastic shopping bags than they are). Taking them outside (in the rain, in my fluffy slipper and my jimjams) and then lighting an incense stick to cover over the ripe smell of my kitchen.  Put toby in his bed, he was golden and I left the room whilst he was still awake and without so much as a whimper (hero).

At 2 am we repeated the above ——  at 4am we repeated the above (how could so much be produced by such a small dog) —– at 6am we repeated the above.

I must admit that I was feeling a little tetchy and not as pleased with my little bundle of joy as I had at 10pm.  I can tell you the smug look on my face was long gone…

So, did we have a good night – to tell you the truth I have no idea – I am too tired to work it out 🙂  On the one hand he was a super star – he now gets in and out of his bed happily and does not cry every time I leave him alone.  On the other hand the housetraining bit is a total disaster.

I cannot work out if a) he has an upset stomach due to the change of water etc b) he was suffering stress incontinence or c) its just normal that every 2 hours they need the toilet – any help gratefully received.

So, he has had breakfast, had a little play and is now in his bed fast asleep. 

Will be trying to get him to a puppy socialising class next week and must send off all his pedigree paperwork to kennel club – trouble is I can barely spell my name.

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Posted by Admin on 25, February 2008

 mum and toby
A great day for Toby.  He had a relatively good night and only had be awake about 4 times 🙂
He is beginning to understand his name and tends to use the garden as a toilet and not the carpets – yaroo.
Today my mum (above) and I took him to the Vets for the once-over.  Vet declared him the cutest dog ever (bet he says that to all the puppies).  He gets his second set of jabs next week and then 2 weeks after that its out and about.
We picked up a leaftlet at the vets about mothers and toddler group (oops… mean puppy socialising classes) I think its me that gets “socialised” and toby just mucks about with some new mates..
He is chewing and playing and sleeping.  Mum and I tried to clean the house (what a super duper mother she is….) and toby fidgetted and grumbled every time we left him alone.  It was a great excuse not to be too thorough with the cleaning..  He likes the vacuum and the feather duster and loves the mop and bucket.  Wonder if I can get him to do the ironing soon?
Feel tired, but can see a change in Toby already.  He is more confident and relaxed which means I am more relaxed.  He goes wild for about 40 minutes and then just drops like a stone and sleeps (aahhhh)
Will probably switch to a weekly update (unless you want more) before you all die of boredom ..

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Posted by Admin on 24, February 2008

toby in the garden

Is it really only 24 hours – feels like forever. 

He is poo-ing on paper and not all over the kitchen (this is good).  however, I did manage to step in it (this was bad).  Thank god for newspaper.  Wee mainly outside/paper but several accidents (why did we do this exactly??)

 Last night was not too bad.  I did sleep in the kitchen and put his bed next to mine and we both had a fairly reasonable night. 

Up at 6am this morning – he goes from fast asleep to biting/chewing/jumping in the space of 40 mins.  I am exhausted 😦

He just wants to be held the whole time

Question:  Should I keep picking him up and letting him fall asleep in my arms for the first 48 hours or should I “start as we mean to go”?

Also, we have a cage – I put him in it when he falls asleep – once he wakes he jumps straight out!  Has not gone in cage of his own accord yet and I have not shut him in it yet – I am sure that will be fun

He can “yap” for England.  He is sooo cute.

We are off the vets in the morning for a check-up – more later. My mum (future dogsitter) is coming for lunch so poor women will be smothered by him.

The good news is I am not covered in dog hair – he does not really shed hair like Oscar did – which is nice.

Girls love him to bits already. Toilet training is going well – he goes on newspaper or outside for a poo 🙂 🙂

Will try and get good picture of him – trouble is he has not learnt to sit still for a picture so lots of blurry photos i’m afraid we have taken a short video of him – will post it soon

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Posted by Admin on 23, February 2008

Saturday 23 February 2008

An early start!  We arrived at Swindon at about 9 and after much signing of cheques and paperwork, we identified our Toby.  The previous week when we chose him, we marked him by shaving a small patch on his tail.

He was brilliant on the 1.5 hour journey back home.  A bit of crying but he was not sick and did not pee all over me – a bonus.

Toby Day 1

The girls were so pleased to see him and he spent about 40 minutes barking and running around the kitchen (thank god for wooden floors).

After about 1.5 hours he was exhausted.  He fell asleep in Sarah’s arms and we put him in a small cardboard ox in his new cage.  He is now fast asleep whilst I update his blog 🙂

Next will be his first feed….

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