Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla


Posted by Admin on 24, February 2008

toby in the garden

Is it really only 24 hours – feels like forever. 

He is poo-ing on paper and not all over the kitchen (this is good).  however, I did manage to step in it (this was bad).  Thank god for newspaper.  Wee mainly outside/paper but several accidents (why did we do this exactly??)

 Last night was not too bad.  I did sleep in the kitchen and put his bed next to mine and we both had a fairly reasonable night. 

Up at 6am this morning – he goes from fast asleep to biting/chewing/jumping in the space of 40 mins.  I am exhausted 😦

He just wants to be held the whole time

Question:  Should I keep picking him up and letting him fall asleep in my arms for the first 48 hours or should I “start as we mean to go”?

Also, we have a cage – I put him in it when he falls asleep – once he wakes he jumps straight out!  Has not gone in cage of his own accord yet and I have not shut him in it yet – I am sure that will be fun

He can “yap” for England.  He is sooo cute.

We are off the vets in the morning for a check-up – more later. My mum (future dogsitter) is coming for lunch so poor women will be smothered by him.

The good news is I am not covered in dog hair – he does not really shed hair like Oscar did – which is nice.

Girls love him to bits already. Toilet training is going well – he goes on newspaper or outside for a poo 🙂 🙂

Will try and get good picture of him – trouble is he has not learnt to sit still for a picture so lots of blurry photos i’m afraid we have taken a short video of him – will post it soon


2 Responses to “DAY 2”

  1. Aunty Debs said

    Do you serve him his dinner in his crate? That would encourage him to go in there of his own accord. Also, perhaps put something in there that has your scent on it – a jumper or something – that he can cuddle into. Should make him feel secure in there I would think. On the other hand though, outside the crate is probably much more entertaining than inside it. Mind you, I wouldn’t take advice from me – my 4 are hooligans!

  2. s said

    I have been saying “in your bed” and putting a treat in there – he goes in and gets it and I praise him like a loony. I have also got him to sleep on his bed all over the house (wherever he flops) and now put that in his bed and it smells of him – that the theory anyway – lord only knows if any of this will work.

    Thanks for the advice


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