Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla


Posted by Admin on 25, February 2008

 mum and toby
A great day for Toby.  He had a relatively good night and only had be awake about 4 times 🙂
He is beginning to understand his name and tends to use the garden as a toilet and not the carpets – yaroo.
Today my mum (above) and I took him to the Vets for the once-over.  Vet declared him the cutest dog ever (bet he says that to all the puppies).  He gets his second set of jabs next week and then 2 weeks after that its out and about.
We picked up a leaftlet at the vets about mothers and toddler group (oops… mean puppy socialising classes) I think its me that gets “socialised” and toby just mucks about with some new mates..
He is chewing and playing and sleeping.  Mum and I tried to clean the house (what a super duper mother she is….) and toby fidgetted and grumbled every time we left him alone.  It was a great excuse not to be too thorough with the cleaning..  He likes the vacuum and the feather duster and loves the mop and bucket.  Wonder if I can get him to do the ironing soon?
Feel tired, but can see a change in Toby already.  He is more confident and relaxed which means I am more relaxed.  He goes wild for about 40 minutes and then just drops like a stone and sleeps (aahhhh)
Will probably switch to a weekly update (unless you want more) before you all die of boredom ..

One Response to “DAY 3”

  1. Aunty Debs said

    Weekly? No, defintely want more please.

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