Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla


Posted by Admin on 28, February 2008

I am sure that dog days are like dog years.  Each day is really 7 days – well it certainly feels like it 🙂

Toby is such a super star.  Yesterday I did not have to clear out any poo – several “puddles” but that was all – the rest of the time he went in the garden (am I obsessed with toilet talk I ask myself?)

He also happily went into his own bed in the day and did not sob or yap everytime I left him.  He is also exploring more of the garden and like to run round the back of the shed and the wheelbarrow.  He is obviously growing in confidence (I think he has physically grown too)

Last night he went to bed at about 10:30.  Did not get up again until 2:30 (yaroo).  He went on the newspaper (after spending 10 minutes outside in my jarmies in the cold!!) and then popped back into bed.  I did not wait with him until he fell asleep and just left him – he yapped for about 10 minutes – then got into bed and slept.

I heard him at about 4ish, but ignored him – again he yapped for about 10 minutes then fell asleep.

Got up at 6:30 – so only 1 visit in the night.

Pretty impressive after 5 days (or am I being biased)?

When I am in the kitchen he always sits between my feet (makes moving around a tad difficult).  Today I decided that whilst I am spending so much time in kitchen would do something useful, so I cleaned the oven and then all the cupboard doors (seem loads of them when you have to clean them).  At first he was a pest always between my feet – then he disappeared (slight panic on my part) and there he was sitting by the back door with the sun on him – he stayed there for about 30 minutes and then came to find me.

What a star.!  🙂  🙂

Last night was Uni night – girls coped brilliantly – but only because they did not have to do anything “yuk”


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