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Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

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Week 12

Posted by Admin on 26, March 2008

Toby at 13 weeks

Toby is coming along in leaps and bounds!!

However he still manages to go from Hero to Zero rather too often.:-)

He is now 99% housetrained – yaroo yipee and leaping tall buildings!

We decided to shut him in his crate at night and he has been clean ever since.  He goes outside at 10:30 and then goes to bed – crate shut.  We do not hear from him again until 5:30 – we get up put him outside – he does the business and then hops back into bed until 7:30 am.  Then its up, breakfast and a quick walk in the field.

We go for a longer walk at 10:30 and then a little walk at 1ish. followed by lunch

Walk at 4:30 ish and then tea at 5:30

A pattern is finally emerging and he is coming along nicely.

He can sit, down in your bed and much more.  He is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is already gettting too large for my lap and is no longer allowed on the sofa.  We have moved some of his bedding into the family room and last night he was brilliant = – only 2 attempts to get on sofa then sat quietly on his bed on the floor.

Puppy classes start next week – it will be fun.

He is lovely,adorable, and hard work.  He is still “biting” my hand, feet, socks, jeans, handbag, wellies and everything else – and it still hurts


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Week 11

Posted by Admin on 14, March 2008

toby - 14th March 2008

The last week has flown by.  Toby has had his moments of pure brilliance and moments of complete stupidity 🙂

He is learning many things very very quickly.  He is now 95% housetrained during the day – the night is a different story.  He tends to use the newspaper for wee but still poo’s once or twice elsewhere in the kitchen – not pleasant at 6am in the morning.

He does not cry when he goes to bed or in the morning.  He does whimper a little but nothing much

He now comes when called (95% of the time).  Sits when told too (100%) and lies flat when told to go down.  He understands his name, to go to the loo when told to and to get into his bed.

Pretty good going I think.

He wears his collar and tag no problem and sits when I put his lead on and take it off. 

Not so good when I tell him to have his paws dried – thinks that fun and does everything but stays still.  Not good at walking nicely on the lead – but thats our fault not his as we have not tried to get him to walk beside us properly

We are trying to “socialise” him this week.  He has met the postman and the delivery man, the dustmen and a builder.  He has been on a 40 min trip in the car, inside his crate.  Luckily he was not travel sick but did manage to bark or whimper the entire 40 mins there and the same coming back.  He does not like being in his crate in the car.

His teeth are like those of a shark – pointy and sharp.  I have the bites/scratches to prove it.  When he sits on my lap and is tired, he bites – drives me nuts (and hurts).  He is beginning to learn that this is not acceptable and his bites are often softer (still bl**dy hurt though)!

He is chewing the skirting board and the edge of the sofa – I have ordered a spray to stop this but I have to say, so far he is not being too destructive (may regret saying this later!!!)

He has a strong will and a strong personality and will keep us on our toes for many years to come.

Did you know that Vizsla’s have webbed feet – can’t wait to take him swimming – bet he will be pretty good in the water.

Next week he is allowed out into the big wide world and can meet other pets and start some puppy training.

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Week 10 (Day 14)

Posted by Admin on 8, March 2008

toby at 10 weeks

Another week as whizzed by.  I am sure that Toby knows the Alpha Male is home – his behaviour has improved.  However, I think he has had a name change.  His name is either NO TOBY or TOBYNO.  This is the phrase he hears most often:-)

He is now clean during the day (well almost) and its only at night that he re landscapes the kitchen.  Toby was also put in his cage with the door shut whilst I went out for a few hours – he behaved wonderfully whilst “home alone” – well, he was ok when I got back.

He is barking and nipping at all and sundry (hence lots of TOBY – NO).  He is getting into a routine of: play – get very silly – sleep (with lots of eating in between)

He also went to the vets this week for his 2nd jab and will be allowed out and about in 2 weeks time – that will be fun.  He now knows his name, sit, come and NO (ish).  He gets into his bed happily and wears his collar all the time.  We have tried him with a lead which he chews but does not seem to bother him.

He adores Graham (don’t we all) and is learning that he cannot jump up and bite people – we have a way to go on this.  He is booked into puppy classes but not for another 3 to 4 weeks and we are thinking of getting him some proper gundog training also. 

He is still getting me out of bed very early and cleaning up the kitchen at 6am is not my idea of heaven 😦  However, he is very pretty, very bright and drop dead gorgeous



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