Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Week 10 (Day 14)

Posted by Admin on 8, March 2008

toby at 10 weeks

Another week as whizzed by.  I am sure that Toby knows the Alpha Male is home – his behaviour has improved.  However, I think he has had a name change.  His name is either NO TOBY or TOBYNO.  This is the phrase he hears most often:-)

He is now clean during the day (well almost) and its only at night that he re landscapes the kitchen.  Toby was also put in his cage with the door shut whilst I went out for a few hours – he behaved wonderfully whilst “home alone” – well, he was ok when I got back.

He is barking and nipping at all and sundry (hence lots of TOBY – NO).  He is getting into a routine of: play – get very silly – sleep (with lots of eating in between)

He also went to the vets this week for his 2nd jab and will be allowed out and about in 2 weeks time – that will be fun.  He now knows his name, sit, come and NO (ish).  He gets into his bed happily and wears his collar all the time.  We have tried him with a lead which he chews but does not seem to bother him.

He adores Graham (don’t we all) and is learning that he cannot jump up and bite people – we have a way to go on this.  He is booked into puppy classes but not for another 3 to 4 weeks and we are thinking of getting him some proper gundog training also. 

He is still getting me out of bed very early and cleaning up the kitchen at 6am is not my idea of heaven 😦  However, he is very pretty, very bright and drop dead gorgeous




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