Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Week 12

Posted by Admin on 26, March 2008

Toby at 13 weeks

Toby is coming along in leaps and bounds!!

However he still manages to go from Hero to Zero rather too often.:-)

He is now 99% housetrained – yaroo yipee and leaping tall buildings!

We decided to shut him in his crate at night and he has been clean ever since.  He goes outside at 10:30 and then goes to bed – crate shut.  We do not hear from him again until 5:30 – we get up put him outside – he does the business and then hops back into bed until 7:30 am.  Then its up, breakfast and a quick walk in the field.

We go for a longer walk at 10:30 and then a little walk at 1ish. followed by lunch

Walk at 4:30 ish and then tea at 5:30

A pattern is finally emerging and he is coming along nicely.

He can sit, down in your bed and much more.  He is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is already gettting too large for my lap and is no longer allowed on the sofa.  We have moved some of his bedding into the family room and last night he was brilliant = – only 2 attempts to get on sofa then sat quietly on his bed on the floor.

Puppy classes start next week – it will be fun.

He is lovely,adorable, and hard work.  He is still “biting” my hand, feet, socks, jeans, handbag, wellies and everything else – and it still hurts


2 Responses to “Week 12”

  1. Congrats on getting through most of the night witht he crate shut!.

    A vizsla will ALWAYS consider themselves a ‘lap dog’. Rocket is 66lbs and he still crawls up/over your lap and pins you down. Rocket knows he can’t completely fit in my lap so he will just come over and crawl up into my lap with his front paws, face & chest then half twist himself upside down and look at me with adorable eyes and wagging tail. It’s the breed don’t try to change that.

    We let Rocket up on ONE piece of furniture, the victorian-style couch. He’s not allowed on the leather furniture. So if you sit on the victorian couch you’re fair game to have a vizsla right in your face walking on you. It’s actually worked out nice because we get a comfy place to sit WITH our dog and he’s learned that this is the ONLY place we will sit with him (other than the floor). He will sometimes jump up on the victorian couch and whimper as an invitation for you to come sit with him because as you know Vizslas are like ‘velcro’ all they want to do is stick to you!!!!

    Puppy class was great for us! Enjoy it for the “social” skills that your V will learn and you might get some names of people and set play dates which can be very fun.

    Take care.
    Rocket’s Mom

  2. SLM said

    Hi Melissa,

    Puppy class was fine – the journey in the car was not!! he was determined to squeeze through the dog guard = and eventually climbed over it – more details in next post !! It was not a pleasant experience for either of us

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