Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Week 14

Posted by Admin on 6, April 2008

What a couple of weeks. Firstly as you can see from today’s photo we have had some snow!  Loads of it !Toby thinks its great fun and tried to eat it!

He really likes playing in the snow and he is very over excited!.

Anyway, we went to puppy classes this week.  Not too strenuous – more form filling and meeting other puppies.  He was fairly well behaved and did not bark at all the others, just puppy curiosity.  This was a relief as I really did not want to look like the one whose pup was out of control 🙂

The tricky bit was getting him there and back.  The Volvo has a built in dog guard – which he promptly evaded by nipping round the edge of it and onto the back seat!  I found an old dog guard in the garage and erected the 2 end pieces so that he could not go round the sides of the inbuilt dog guard

Toby foiled me again and this time went through the small gap in the middle of the dog guard !

Third short trip I really had him beat and erected the old dog guard from the garage.  The car was imprenetrable – it now had 2 dog guards in place….

The 20 minute trip (including the motorway) passed without incident – lots of barking and yapping and general unhappiness from Toby – he was desperate to sit on my nice leather seats :-(.  He tried to break down the dog guard but to no avail..

Coming home he was much more determined and decided he would “go over the top”..  He forced himself over the top of the dog guard and at one point had his front legs and head through but was stuck trying to force his body and back legs through.  I stopped at the motorway services.  It was very scarey – he could have seriously hurt himself

We were both a tad distressed by the time we got home.  I hae never seen such determination to get what he wanted.  little minx

The next day I dismantled both dog guards and will use his crate to transport him – that should do the trick next week

He is doing well with the training – will do come; sit; down; shake hands; in your bed; stay and take brilliantly – but only in the kitchen.  Once in the great outdoors it all goes out the window and he will do none of these 😦  I think we have quite a bit of work to do on him

We now have a large bean bag in the family room for Toby – he loves it and has almost stopped trying to get onto the sofa.  His bean bag is so large he slides off it when he is asleep

Still tired 😦



3 Responses to “Week 14”

  1. I’m laughing ‘with you’ not at you!!! I was just running a few errands with Rocket this weekend only to come out of the dry cleaner shop and find him standing between my two front seats. I have an Equinox with a K9 barrier just beind the rear seat. He pulled a ‘houdini’ because I’m still mystified as to how he did it ….. the barrier was still in place and I swear there wasn’t a hole big enough for him to get through!

    Just keep up the consistancy with training and LOTS of patience!

    Is this your first dog/vizsla?

    Take care,
    Rockets Mom

  2. SLM said

    We had a dalmatian (brown and White) for 16 years – he passed away last june and we missed him so much. We did not want to get another dog straight away because we did not want to compare a new dog with the saintly dalmatian (oscar). Glad we waited and they are not alike!!

    Its amazing how much you forget what they are like as puppies.

  3. Renee Hood said

    Just wait until Toby learns how to open the doors in the house! It’s quite a shock to have a puppy climb into the tub while you’re taking a shower. Especially if you thought you had locked the door.

    Renee (and Miss Laila)

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