Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Week 15

Posted by Admin on 8, April 2008


Toby is such hard work:-( He has decided that he likes eating sheep poo and rabbit poo and other dogs poo. Thankfully he is not eating his own.:-( yuk.

He was a little better today and did not eat much of it but I am fed up with shouting “no Toby” or “leave” or “drop” – makes a walk exhausting.  He is brilliant and house trained BUT.. we have two walks, one across the wheat field – he is briliant and will poo in that field, and the other around the farm – he loves this walk, but waits until he comes home before he poos. Drat and darn it

He is jumping up everyone we meet and does not “come” when called as far too many distractions and interesting things going on 🙂  He pulls on the lead but thankfully does not run off.  Still puppy classes start this week so hopefully much of this will become a distant memory 🙂

In the kitchen he is golden – he will sit, down and stay beautifully – wish he would do the same when we go out.  Are all puppies like this? – YES I hear you say…

Toby already has several derivations of his name: Tobias; Toby-Wan Kenobi, Toblerone; No-Toby; Toby-No and of course Good-Boy Toby. –  He answers to them all

He is biting much less now which is a relief and the cuts and bruises on my arm are all healing nicely.� His teeth are razor sharp and still hurt when he gets it wrong.  I now have a Toby jumper – full of holes and covered in mud

He is a major part of the family now and is getting better every day. He is fast asleep in his crate and looks like a little angel.   He now has a very large bean-bag chair in the family room – he keeps falling off it when he is asleep   aahhh




2 Responses to “Week 15”

  1. Oh Toby,

    You need to try deer and horse poop…quite the delicacy!!

    Gabby, the Vizla in California who still jumps at 5 yrs old

  2. Rocket said

    Oh don’t worry Toby. You’ll get all the command down in due time. Be a puppy first.

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