Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Week 17: Toby still in training..

Posted by Admin on 21, April 2008

Toby is very much still in training 🙂

He is walking on the lead much better than before – but we still have a very long way to go.  He is biting less (or am I just getting used to looking like a self-harming victim?).  He is excellent at not jumping up on the sofas and will now sit happily on his very large, very comfortable “blankey”. (His “blankey” is in fact a large old bean bag with a king size duvet inside it).

He is learning “drop” and will do that nicely in the kitchen with certain toys, but once outside, with the many distractions and lots of sheep poo he seems to go completely deaf and blind.  He is very good at going into his bed and will often run into his crate with his little yellow duck toy – aahh

He is growing fast and when we put his lead on for a walk he barks and barks and barks, steals my shoes, and tries to take himself for a walk by holding his own lead in his mouth which he is loath to return to me as that means he has to start walking by my side and not run ahead. 

He is eating his food well now and finishes every meal (instead of leaving half of it if something more interesting is going on).

Toby is a strong character and likes his own way (don’t we all?) and sometimes I return from a walk thinking he is wonder dog and the best dog ever and other times I return angry and frustrated with him leaping and biting and being the worst dog ever – a happy medium would be nice.

He has a puppy class again this week (did not have one last week) so hopefully he will be able to show them that he has improved with his walking to heel and will be a good boy

Graham is off the the USA next week (San Jose) so Toby will be the only male in the house – lets hope he does not try and be the alpha male and behaves 🙂



2 Responses to “Week 17: Toby still in training..”

  1. He still just a wee little guy so don’t expect too much as for obedience on walks. Vizsla’s are little goofy clowns in red furry suits.

  2. Charlie said

    Aww Toby – I’m still in training and i’m 19 months 🙂 If you’re driving your mum mad get her to buy ‘My dog pulls, what do I do’ by Turid Rugaas (about £4 on Amazon).

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