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the changing face of Toby

Posted by Admin on 2, June 2008

These pictures are all on Flicker but here are 4 of them so you can easily see how he has changed.

To see them all (over 100 of them !!)  Click here



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Toby is now 5…. (months) already!!

Posted by Admin on 2, June 2008

I can hardly believe that Toby is 24 weeks old!

What a rollercoaster ride it has been. I have felt every emotion going. He is both adorable and terrible all in the space of 5 minutes.

Looking back on the last 18 weeks or so I do realise that we have made huge leaps and he is doing very well, but when you are living it hour by hour, day by day it is extremely hard work.

Toby is now no longer leaping onto the sofa at every opportunity and just sits quietly on his “blankey” with us watching TV. I never thought this would happen and it was the hardest battle to win:-) He is selectively deaf when we are out walking – in the kitchen he can do “sit”; “stay”, “down” come and any other command you wish. BUT when we outside with a hundred and one smells and distractions its another story. He comes, sits, stays only when he feels like it 😦 .

He walks to heal (sort of) and just loves to run and play. He eats tons and tons of sheep poo, fox poo, rabbit poo and any other sort he can find. He will “drop” or “leave” it (but only when he is bored with it or swallowed it – yuk yuk yuk). He nows fills his crate and loves getting in and out of his own free will.

He can fetch his own toys from the box (doesn’t put them away tho’) and we all love him so much. I keep telling myself that we just have to persevere and keep going so one walk a day is now a “training walk”. He is not let off the lead and is made to sit, wait and come and walk to heal. I am sure he is getting better, but its hard to tell. I will keep doing it.

By far the biggest improvement is the biting and jumping. He stills jumps when you first enter the house (hardly surprising really – he is only 24 weeks old) and still “mouths” for the first 5 minutes. Then he calms down and his little tail wags for England!

He is not very well behaved at puppy class and just gets over excited at seeing all the other dogs – he forgets the most basic instructions which is a bit embarrassing, especially when he is so good at home 😦

I am going to California for a week in June and we had a dilemma. Should my daughters Toby go to my mums (she is 75) or should they he go into kennels.? This was a big decision. Toby is just so boisterous I was afraid he would knock my mum over (or her 101 ornaments!) and all that walking might be too much. I spent forever on the web and talking in discussion groups and have found a local kennels and booked him in for a week.

The girls are going to my mums (easy peasy, they are teenagers and will be at school all day and on MSN all night!). Scrap the MSN bit, my mum does not have internet access – tee hee they will have to read books, and TALK!

Not much else to say other than we are working hard on making Toby into a loveable, happy dog who is well behaved and a joy to be with – I am sure we will get there (eventually)

I worry about this, have I made the right decision? He is so young and I imagine him all alone and cold etc.. Anyway, decision made, I am going to focus on the positive and hope for the best!

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