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Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Toby in August 2008

Posted by Admin on 27, August 2008

Toby is now nearly 9 months old.  I cannot believe it – where has the time gone?

So much has happened to us as a family and obviously Toby has done some growing up (ha!).  As the saying goes “Show me the pup until he 7 months old and I will show you the dog”  IF that is the case – we are in trouble 🙂

Toby age 8 mths

Toby age 8 mths

For those of you out there who are new to Toby I thought I would do a “round-up” of his progress and give him a score out of 10 (oh dear….)

Walking to heal when on the lead   6/10  Not quite up to Crufts standards but manageable

Sit, Down, Stay     9/10 Thiw would be 10/0 but he does get distracted when in the great outdoors

In your Bed      9/10 – not bad

Eating Sheep Poo     4/10 – he just cannot resist this stuff – but does leave it ocassionally

Rolling in the unspeakable      2/10  This is just tooo enticing – the more rotten, horrid, smelly it is the better (for him!!)

Eating his food    9/10  – will eat most of his food but sometimes turns his nose up in the hope of some cheese coming his way.  He likes grapes, bananas, ice-cubes, stange mutt that he is 🙂

Jumping up      4/10  He is much better at this, but still does it for the first 5 minutes of anyone visiting

Biting   9/10  He no longer bites/nips at anyone but me.  He does this to my arm (very very gently) EVERY MORNING.  He also likes to chew my dressing gown first thing in the morning.

QUESTION: When I come home or downstairs he loves to get some of his bedding and bring it to me – is this a normal Vizsla trait or is a Toby thing?.  He then mouths my arm – never anyone else and likes to grab at my clothes and chew them – again is this normal?

Cuteness  10/10  well, what more can I say

Loveability  10/10  he is adorable (most of the time)

Jumping onto sofa   5/10  He is much better.  NEver even attempts this when Graham here, but if its just him and me he gives it a go (and fails).  Will never sit still with me in lounge but does for Graham – what am I doing wrong?

He sees me as his chum and Graham as the boss (Don’t we all?).  So he thinks he can get away with much more with me.  He also thinks he is the size of a small terrier and tries to sit on my lap not posible anymore!

i am adorable!

i am adorable!

He loves to play “Fetch” and loves to rush around like a demented cat dog.  He has manic moments but on the whole he will lie in his bed for a reasonable amount of time.

He is now in a bed during the day and only goes into the crate at bedtime.  He is still chewing the wallpaper and the doorframe, but in his defence it is not very often that he chews things.

He likes to grab my shoes and run off with them at every opportunity but never ruins them – they are just all slobbery and yuk!

Toby has had a spell in kennels – which he hated and 2 weeks with my mum – which he loved and she hated 😦  He knocked her over twice, would never get in his bed,  pushed her off the sofa, tried to hump everything and was generally naughty for the whole fortnight.

We are moving to California next year (it was supposed to be November, but Visa stuff has delayed the move until June next year – a long story!!)

Toby is big, strong, naughty, well behaved and every other description you can think of in-between.

I would not be without him


8 Responses to “Toby in August 2008”

  1. AmandaD said

    Zoe does the same thing when my husband comes home. She MUST have something in her mouth. She looks aroudn for toys, but usually grabs a throw blanket or a pillow…

  2. millie said

    I am so glad to have found your “Toby Blog”. We have a four month old female Vizsla and I thought we were the only ones going through all the things you mentioned with Toby. It does my heart good to see our Annie is a “normal” Vizsla puppy. We live on Vancouver Island,Canada and are retired so spend 24/7 with Annie. She is such a delight (most of the time) but can become “demented” in an instant. She has her “zoomies” every night, runs through the house, wants to chase her toys, then collapses, on my lap, if possible, till its time for her kennel. We take her on a huge walk everyday, off leash, in a forest that has lots of trails. She runs ahead and then back and gets way more exercise than we do. She is enrolled in Obedience Class in late Sept. Hopefully she will learn to walk nicely on a leash, not jump up on people and I hope to come when called.She has just started to loose her baby teeth (thankgoodness) and I am encouraged that the biting will stop, if not we will need blood transfusions soon.

    Keep posting your progress, I am so encouraged by your comments.

  3. Yeah, Dennis and Tucker do that too. Dennis will grab a pillow or blanket or shoe in a pinch, but not Tucker. Tucker will not accept anything other than an actual toy when greeting someone.

  4. Renee said

    That’s funny. I thought it was just a Laila-thing. When someone arrives home (either my husband, a visitor, or myself), she’ll grab whatever is nearby and run around the new person in circles for nearly 4 minutes, chirping the entire time.

    If we’re outside, she’ll grab a ball, a stick, or a leaf. When we’re inside, she’ll search for her stuffed bunny. If she can’t find a toy quickly enough, she’ll settle for anything – even a large blanket or cushion still attached to a chair.

    Also, Laila thinks Toby is “pretty handsome.”

  5. James said

    I laugh when I read these. Cody has determined that I am his pack leader and the one that he needs to obey (well most of the time) but if I get on the floor to play with him, his excitement level climbs to insane levels and he begins to bite and nip and once it a while he will get me in the face and OUCH that really does hurt. Today he got me in the chin and I was so hurt that I put him down and walked away and sat on the sofa. He came over and wanted my attention and I ignored him a bit as I was still annoyed how hard he bite me. Then those cute eyes and that loving look, I picked him up and put him in my lap. He looked up at me and started to kiss me. Once then again and again and again and again. Almost like he knew I was disappointed with him and he wanted some love and affection. Amazing how loving and affectionate this breed is. REALLY ITS AMAZING.

    I have noticed one thing that may help you with Toby. They appear to be able to READ YOUR ENERGY LEVEL. If I put him in my lap and hold him firmly and keep very calm, he immediately READS MY ENERGY and matches his energy level to mine. He gets calm like me and snuggles and is delightful. If my wife or my son take him and try, I notice that he gets all excited and that makes them all excited and the energy level for them increases and he begins jumping and nipping and biting until my wife or my son cant take it and they give him to me and returns to my energy level. I asked my son to try doing it similar to my energy level and so far it actually appears to work. My son holds him firmly but “calmly” and he READS the energy level and relaxes. Its amazing to me that they can kind of read your mind.

    One other thing that scares me is he is growing like a weed and he seems so uncoordinated. I threw a ball and he flew after it, he tripped and landed on his rear end and started yelping loud and in a pained and hurt and frightening way. I was sure he broke his leg. It gave way in his awkward lurch forward to get the ball. He actually hobbled around on it for several minutes before I realized that he only twisted it. Well a week after that scare he was running after his ball in the back yard today. Again FULL SPEED, and again landed on his ass, I heard that awful yelp again but this time only once and then he got up. Geez you would think they could run like a normal dog. Yet at other times, I will throw the ball and he will PRANCE slowly after it. When he PRANCES my heart stops its breath taking. He looks like a race horse his movements are so graceful and refined its a joy to watch. So one minute a Thoroughbred race horse type prance and the next a spased uncoordinated mess. While its sometimes fun to watch I hope he makes it to one year without breaking a limb.

  6. luvlatins said

    So now Kody (I hated the “C” in Cody.) I took him out and I was laughing because he found this spot in the back yard and he just kept smelling it and the started rolling around over and over again. I would pull him away and he would go back and smell and smell and then start to roll around in that spot again. I looked close after reading your post but did not see any sheep poo (huge grin) but I wonder why he always wants to roll in that spot. He also had several (Vizsla moments) today while running him around outside. A Vizsla moment is when he looks like he is INSANE (jumps bits nips or runs around like a wild man) Then moments later he is normal again. Thank god his Vizsla moments dont last too long.

    I threw a ball and was teaching him with treats to bring it back. He did bring it back several times so I enthusiastically praised him and he got all excited and charged me and knocked off my glasses. The energy level is just amazing I hope survive long enough to see him reach a year old.

  7. Vizslacated said

    PLEASE stop letting your precious Toby eating grapes if you haven’t already. Grapes are an absolute NO for dogs. Cancer causing for them. Possible coincedence, but I had to put my last best friend down due to cancer, and he liked grapes. Love your blog though, I just discovered it. I’m gonna read on now.

    • SLM said

      I had no idea that Grapes were a problem for dogs. He does not have many – but fom todayhe will no longer be given grapes. thanks for letting me know

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