Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla


Posted by Admin on 24, February 2010

I am surprised that Toby actually made it to TWO.  What a time we have had with him.  By now he should be well trained, well behaved, settled down, relaxed, well adjusted blah blah blah…

well ermm, its not turned out quite like that.  Toby is a joy to be with.  He has learnt alot (so have we) and I cannot imagine just how it has been and that two years have passed since we bought him home.  Toby is many things, some good some bad and some just bad parenting (by us).

This is how he now looks:

Toby loves the snow and tries to eat the ice 🙂

He is so handsome and loves to play.  Shall we start wit his faults so that we end on a high note ?  why not.

He barks at the front door and racing at it

He has to bring half is bed to greet you if he has not seen you for more than 5 minutes

He brings you everyones shoes

platic toys – NO – all destroyed in minutes

Recall – well only if no-one around and nothing better to do

Pulling on the lead – not bad but not perfect

Barks – lots


Rattles the keys in the back door to signal wants to go out

Sits whenever told

waits patiently until you say “take” for his food

Puts his head through the lead

Happy to be left alone for long periods of time

Does not jump up to work surfaces to get food

loves looking out of the window

Never goes upstairs

So in two years he is pretty good (as a family pet) but would be total rubbish as working dog – we love him.  He is so fully of energy, so powerful, so stubborn and we love him.

Today he is in my good books, so this is a nice post about Toby.  Will write the more truthful one when he has done something he should not have done…



5 Responses to “TOBY AT TWO”

  1. J Goodwin said

    Awe I’d say that Toby is well loved & well adjusted – you’re being a bit hard on yourself as parents.

    Our Vizsla Ruby is about the same place 2-3 ish and she’s got some faults (barking at people who come up to the house) but that only happens for a bit. Otherwise, she’s a champ.

    Way to go Toby!!!

  2. Michelle said

    Hi Toby,
    I’ve been following your blog for over a year, as we got out Vizsla, Trigger, October 2008.
    I’m wondering how much exercise Toby gets as a 2 year old? Also are there any activities or toys that you use to keep his brain active?
    Thanks in advance for the advice.
    -Michelle & Trigger

  3. Lis said

    Our Vizsla Louis’ behaviour is SO similar to yours, good & bad stuff! Everytime I meet another vizsla I ask them how long it took them to calm down and the average is 2-3 years. I’m looking forward to his 3rd birthday!

    • Webmaster said


      I too keep hoping that at 3 he will be calm calm calm 🙂 He is already much much better – still goes crazy if someone comes to visit and ALWAYS has to bring something in his mouth to greet you. !

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