Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

In Memory of Oscar

Although this Blog is about the trials and tribulations of our new puppy – Toby.  I thought that I would spend a little time and tell you about our previous mutt – OSCAR.

Oscar was nearly 16 when he passed away in June 2007 (from old age).  We had owned him since he was 10 weeks old.  We originally lived near Watford and saw his mum walking in the woods one day heavily pregnant.  We felt it was our destiny to own him.  As a 10 week old puppy he was a total wimp – he did not grow up that way however!

Oscar never liked other dogs and would growl and bark and was generally very unsociable with other 4 legged creatures.  He loved humans and was a little bless – most of the time.

He was fairly well trained with the exception of walking on the lead.  In his younger days he would almost trear your arms off and he pulled you towards the park. 

He used to sing to classical music and howled like a banshee when he was made to sit outside the play area at the park whilst the girls went on the swings – very embarassing.

We had Oscar before the children arrived, but he was always tolerant of them when they were toddlers and although his tail as at their head height for many years he did try and be as gentle as possible.

Everyone who knew Oscar loved him and we miss him and love him still.. 

Would Oscar have been pals with Toby – hmmm  not sure about that, but If he is watching he will be pleased at how much joy Toby is bringing to our lives. 🙂






One Response to “In Memory of Oscar”

  1. aaaawwww what a sweet memior.

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