Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Toby’s Parents

Toby was born on 1st January 2008.

He is Russet Gold in colour.

His Kennel Club registered name is REDMALLOW PEPPER

His Dad is called DAXPACK BEST MATE and his mum is called CHULAK RED SKY AT NIGHT


Vizsla’s have problems with their hips and have to have a hip score.

Dad has a hip score of 6/8  (14)

Mum has a hip score of 5/6 (11)

Hip Score is only important if you are either showing or breeding.  We have no idea what Toby’s hip score will be and will probably not bother to find out.  Toby’s only purpose in life is to bring joy to his new family.  We will also do the same for him 🙂


2 Responses to “Toby’s Parents”

  1. Amanda McDonald said

    I love your blog!
    We are getting our little baby, sorry, vizsla at the end of October and can’t wait.
    We’re a little concerned about out boy (the ginger cat) and how he’s going to take to having a new girl around the house…only time will tell.
    It’s so good to find a site with a ‘day in the life of’…which really gives us an insight into what to expect.
    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading.
    Amanda (cirencester)

  2. Sylvia said

    Hips scores ARE important even if you aren’t showing or breeding because you don’t want a dog to turn out to have hip dysplasia even if it’s a ‘pet’. Lots of owners hunt with their Vizslas, compete with their Vizslas in agility and obedience, and run with their Vizslas. And for all of those activities, you want a dog that is physically sound. So finding out how your Vizsla’s hips are rated is an important thing even if you don’t breed. If necessary, you can manage his diet and activity levels and prevent him from becoming arthritic at an earlier age. So knowing your dog’s hip scores is important, regardless of its purpose in your life. As a Vizsla breeder, I ask all of my owners to have their dogs’ hips and elbows radiographed and I do the same for all the Vizslas I own, even those that aren’t in my breeding program. As a result, both I and my buyers can be better assured that their puppy’s structure will be sound.

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