Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Toby the Teenager!!!

Posted by Admin on 12, April 2009


Our Toby is well and truly a teenager.  He has improved in so many ways – he no longer runs off with my shoes when we are about to go for a walk (I know he is struggling with himself and fighting the urge to grab them).  He will immediately SIT both indoors and outdoors when told.  He no longer attempts to get on the sofa but still finds it hard to “settle” with us in the family room.

He is growing up – walks on the lead pretty well (not perfect but acceptabel) but is still appalling at recall – will ALWAYS ignore you if  something better happening.  He gets over excited when visitors come, but I am working hard on that one

Will update more soon


2 Responses to “Toby the Teenager!!!”

  1. You work hard Toby.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

  2. Good job Toby. Keep up the good work. We know how hard it is not to take those shoes. We prefer socks but understand the urges!

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