Toby – Life with a new puppy

Formally known as Red Mallow Pepper – A Hungarian Vizsla

Friends of Toby

Toby has lots of doggie “friends” scattered around the world.  Here are some pictures of a few of them:

 This is Lucy.  She lives a lovely life in California – what a pretty girl

Californian Lucy..


This lot live in Spain with Designer Debs and Nigel.  This is debbies description of them all

T-Shirt Girl – Minnie has been very poorly for a number of months & has had three big operations.  The vet suggested baby t-shirts rather than bandages & dressings to stop her scratching at the stitches.  They worked a treat & were a lot less stressful for her.

Minnie – poster girl.  She’s is such a pretty dog which is just as well because she has a bark that could break glass!

I hate mondays – 1 & 2 – Archie hates the cold – and has his own rocking chair with lots of blankets.  These really were taken on a Monday morning.
i-hate-mondays-1.jpg i-hate-mondays-2.jpg

Sweater dog – Archie in designer Italian wool, darling.  As I say, he really, really hates the cold.  (If the fire isn’t lit he paws the front of the log burner in frustration).

Laid back dog – but he loves the sunshine.


Bailey & Archie – Archie loves Bailey – he just cannot get close enough to him.

Sod it – let them eat cake – Bailey cooking the books.

Spoiled puppies – Zac & Bailey – don’t even ask where I sit!


 He has even more friends in the UK – might add some pictures in the future.

what a lucky bunch of hounds this lot are…


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  1. James said

    Here are some pictures of Cody

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