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Toby – Nearly 3 !!

Posted by Admin on 21, October 2010

How did that happen?  One minute we have a small tornado of a puppy and the next thing I know I have a 3 year old dog!. Toby is calming down and now has a very good routine and we all understand each other!!

He always sits before he eats and waits for you to say “Toby Take” before diving in.  At night he goes outside for a “wee” and then jumps into his sky-kennel and waits for his “markies” and then you never hear another peep out of him until 8am.

He still has to bring you his very scruffy “blankey” which he promptly swaps for a shoe everytime you see him.  He leans against you all the time and still wants to sit on you at every opportunity

He walks well on the lead (although he stills pulls but no as much).  He has a whistle and when you do 3 short blows he comes racing back for a treat – except when something much more interesting is going on!! then he totally ignores you.  If he sees another dog he races off to play and all the calling, shouting, whistle blowing gets you nowhere.  He will then just play with the oher dog until you drag him off.  He does not bark at them and in fact his barking is pretty much under control.  He barks when some-one comes to the door but not incessantly and apart from that is pretty good.  He has several tricks:




Shake Hands

Wait – you can put food down and he will not touch it until you say Take

In your bed – races to his day bed

Dead Dog – rolls onto his back

Come – well that still need working on

He is a lovely boy !!



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